Skin Care

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 Skin Care

We are pleased to retail two premium skin care brands at White Medical Aesthetics: Vivier and Environ.

Skin care is a pillar of your treatment plan with us. Why invest in treatments and procedures without feeding your skin with high quality ingredients in between? We think of skin care as insurance on your investment with us.

When you come for your consultation, we will review your overall aesthetic goals and make some no-pressure recommendations for your skin care regime. This may include just the addition of an SPF or a bundle of products designed to restore some vitally lost nutrients.

We believe in Vitamin A, C, E. We believe in peptides. We believe in retinol. We believe in SPF. The reason our lines are better than drug store brands ias that the penetration of these premium lines is far deeper. That is, they actually work. They don’t just feel good, they treat your skin’s main problems.

Learn more about Vivier here. We retail Vivier in Bancroft and Haliburton.

Learn more about Environ here. We retail Environ in Bancroft and Barry’s Bay.

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