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We perform the following premium services at our locations in Bancroft, Barry’s Bay & Haliburton:

Botox Injection

Botox Injection


Botox is the gold standard for wrinkle prevention and reduction. Botox relaxes muscles in a targeted, precise fashion. We prefer a natural look where patients tell us their partners, friends, family and colleagues say “Something looks different, but I am not quite sure what!…”. Read More.

Dermal Filler

Dermal filler uses hyaluronic acid gel (we use JuveDerm) to restore volume to the upper and lower face in an artful, natural manner. We also perform lip augmentations. Dermal filler lasts between 6 and 12 months. Read More.


Laser Hair Removal

All of our laser services are provided by a registered practical nurse certified in laser or a physician. Laser hair removal using our premium diode laser results in permanent hair reduction (approximately 90% of hair) in 6 to 8 treatments. Touch ups are generally not necessary for up to a few years. Read more.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation + Spot Correction

Laser skin services are the frontier in skin rejuvenation. We provide IPL photofacials, radiofrequency and infrared collagen-boosting facials and skin resurfacing facials, as well as IPL spot treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. Read more.

All laser services require a consultation with one of our team members before booking.


We also provide Latisse for lash enhancement and Belkyra for double chin reduction.


Medical Needling

Medical needling, or microneedling, is a non-surgical, non-ablative procedure that induces the production of collagen and elastin. This procedure makes use of professional Environ skincare products, which can deeply penetrate the dermis due to the controlled damage, and accelerated healing, induced by the needling.


We are pleased to offer two premium skincare lines to clients. Both lines are available in Bancroft and online. Vivier is available in Haliburton and Environ is available in Barry’s Bay.

Environ is a globally recognized and celebrated professional skincare brand, recently named the top medical skincare lines, built on science, beauty, and care. Vivier is the only North American brand using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is known for their ultra effective serums.


We offer three different chemical peel facials using Vivier and/or Environ products, as well as a fourth procedural facial using the Environ Microneedling Innopen. We also offer an Express Facial and Back Facial.

Vivier Brilliance Facial is available in Bancroft and Haliburton. Environ Intense C and Cool Peel Facials are available in Bancroft.



Sclerotherapy is used for the treatment of unsightly or painful varicose or spider veins. A tiny needle is used to inject medication into the vein causing it to shut down and be absorbed by the body. Dr. White performs sclerotherapy in Bancroft only.