We have a full-service laser skin system for the following treatments:

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a no-brainer. With 6 to 8 treatments, you can achieve a 90% reduction in hair growth basically anywhere hair grows.

Review this post for everything you need to know about laser hair removal at White Medical Aesthetics.


Spot Correction

Sun spots, age spots, “liver spots” and small capillaries near the surface of the skin can all be corrected with intense pulse light (IPL). Typically, spots require 1 to 2 treatments and can be done alone or as part of an IPL photofacial to even out pigmentation across the face, neck and décolleté.



IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacials are a broad-spectrum light treatment using light energy that is converted to heat to target cells below the skin’s surface without causing damage to the top layers of skin. IPL uses short blasts of a polychromatic, high-intensity light to penetrate just below the skin’s surface, breaking up either the melanin that makes up pigmented spots and IPL treatments also boost collagen and elastin growth.

Sublime Laser Facial

A Sublime treatment works to restore and promote new collagen from the inside out. It tightens the skin and give it a more contoured look. Over time, skin naturally loses its elasticity and becomes lax, which can make areas of the face sag resulting in wrinkles, folds, droopy eyelids, jowls and loose skin on the neck. Sublime treatments work to restore skin elasticity for a more naturally defined face and neck.


Sublate Laser Facial

A Sublative treatment works to resurface the skin from the inside out. Unlike other practices that use lasers or lights to penetrate the skin, it uses only the power of fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to reach the deep dermal layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen production. The head of the machine is made up by an array of multi-electrode pins that deliver the radio-frequency energy into the skin. These pins create a grid like pattern on the skin, which means each time the machine is administered only a “fraction” of that area of skin is actually being treated. The untreated skin surrounding these pin dots is what creates the new collagen, to “heal” the areas punctured by the RF energy.

Sublative treatments are perfect for anyone looking to rejuvenate the texture of their skin. Whether the skin concern is acne scars, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines, large pores or stretch marks, this can work wonders. It is also proven to be effective on spots of uneven colour like hyperpigmentation, sun spots or age spots. It gives the skin baby-like softness and smoothness that lasts. Results start to appear as soon as the first treatment is over and improve over the coming weeks, as the cells the RF energy reached in the dermis will move up to become the top layer of the skin. As the weeks go by, your skin becomes more and more rejuvenated as surface imperfections and uneven texture fade.

We also offer a unique Sublative scar treatment specifically for people who want to target a specific region of scar tissue on their face or neck.


Triniti Laser Facial

The Triniti Laser Facial is the 3-in-1 combination of an IPL photofacial as well as the Sublime and Sublate Laser Treatments in one session. This is the most powerful and transformative facial we offer.