Why invest in high-quality skin care?

Purchasing high-quality skin care is an investment for your skin that will provide long term benefits.

Vivier Platine Collection.

Vivier Platine Collection.

Although drugstore skincare products are affordable, they are limited in effectiveness. Not one person’s skin is the same as another person’s so it is important to go with products that can be tailored as much as possible to target any skin issues you may have.  And you want products that effectively reach the cells they’re meant to reach. Investing in premium or high-quality skincare means the effort you put into maintaining your skin will actually mean something in your 40s, 50s and beyond. 

Let’s discuss high-quality skincare a bit further…

Why is proper skin care important?

First off, our skin acts as a barrier against infection and dehydration. Keeping our skin healthy, ensures that our skin, or the barrier, is kept strong and holds its moisture. When our skin is dry, or basic products are used on the skin, this can cause the barrier to become cracked, dry and dull. When our skin is not taken well care of, this can make our bodies more susceptible to infection and the complications of aging. In addition, using harsh cleansers on our skin can affect many things like laxity of our skin, moisture, and fullness which all helps in defense against infection and aging. 

The Difference Between High Quality Skin Care and Generic Skin Care

The main differences in high quality skin care and generic skin care brands that you would find at any drugstore or department store are the ingredients used and the testing that takes place. Although drugstore brands contain some good ingredients, they do not have premium ingredients meant to target specific problems in high enough concentrations to warrant their price. 

The main thing you should be looking for when purchasing skin care products are the “active ingredients”. Certain ingredients like Vitamin C, are considered active ingredients. Where as “vehicle ingredients” are the ingredients in which the active ingredients are dissolved in, and are put there on purpose by the manufacturer. 

High-quality skincare products should and have both active ingredients and vehicle ingredients that are more advanced and work better to treat certain skin issues. Drugstore products use ingredients that are a lot cheaper, and are more readily available, so the benefits are not as noticeable. 

Lastly, the testing that goes behind brands like Vivier or Environ are much more advanced and backed by a ton of research. High-quality skin care products tend to be science-backed and work towards various skin issues specifically. Their lines have a much more rigorous approach to skin science and more focussed. 

Recommended High-quality skin care product: Vivier

Vivier is an excellent high quality skin care brand that targets a wide range of skin issues. All of their products are broken up by:

  • Skin type (i.e. normal skin, dry skin, oily skin)

  • Skin concern (i.e. acne, aging skin, redness)

  • Category (i.e. moisturize, protect, target, or prepare). 

The great thing about brands like Vivier is that you are able to choose from a huge range of products that will be perfectly tailored to your skin. Whether you have acne and dry skin, or want to treat redness and aging, you will be sure to find something very specific to your needs vs. a general approach. 

You are unique, your skin is unique and so need products that are specific to your needs. 

Recommended High-quality skin care product: Environ

Another great high quality skin care product is Environ. This brand is heavily focused on promoting youthfulness in the skin. 

Environ’s brand is broken up into two categories: 

  • Essentia Care—which helps create a more youthful radiant skin appearance

  • Focused Care—which combine a number of ingredients to create youthful enhancing benefits to the skin.  These products allow us to really customize an approach for you and your goals. 

What to consider:

Although Vivier and Environ products are premium or high-quality skin care brands, there are good and affordable intro level packages that are available. 

The Vivier Acne Treatment System is just $112.00.  The Hexam Cleanser is $47. The Refreshing Toner is $43. Our favourite Sheer SPF 45 is $65 for a large bottle.  Of course, a number of the serums with highly active ingredients are priced much higher than this but they create utterly profound differences in skin texture and appearance, and we offer payment plans. 

Environ’s Skin Essentia Bundle is $220 for three products: cleanser, toner and serum (which contains a gentle retinoid). This is a three month supply and we can add on additional targeted treatments depending on your needs.

At Fresh You Clinic, we advise people to consider their budgets when investing in premium skin care products.  We can talk you through what you can compromise on and what should be premium.

We have a wide range of premium and high quality skin care products from these two brands available in Bancroft as well as in Barry’s Bay and Haliburton, and online.  Shipping is just $5 plus $1 per item in Canada when are purchased online.

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