What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal (Myths vs. Facts)

There are many misconceptions when it comes to laser hair removal, and we are here to validate whether or not these are true to prepare you for your next treatment.

When looking into the laser hair removal process, it is vital that you differentiate between the myths and facts when it comes to laser hair removal. There are a lot of blogs, articles, or websites that offer information, however, but most of them don’t talk address the common misconceptions that exist regarding this procedure. 

Firstly, you should always understand how laser hair removal actually works and what technology is being used, and how that technology actually works. In regards to our clinic, we will be focusing on the Elos Plus laser by Syneron Candela. 

Elos Plus For Laser Hair Removal

At Fresh You Clinic, we use the revolutionary technology of Elos Plus because it is highly effective and safe. It has been clinically proven safe and effective on all skin types and all skin tones. This laser technology combines bipolar radiofrequency with a diode laser. This allows the actual energy to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, specifically the dermis, to heat up hair follicles. It does this quickly and without impacting the surrounding skin or tissue. This deep and targeted penetration allows for precise location of the root, eradicate it and prevent regrowth. Using optimal energy, the hair follicle is destroyed quickly, safely, and with little to no discomfort.

Now that you understand the technology, let’s dive into the common myths. 

Myth #1: Laser hair removal is not safe

Laser hair removal is completely safe, however we do recommend using a Health Canada approved laser, one that is proven effective, and a certified professional who understands laser hair removal. When a clinic does not understand the technology, or doesn’t have certification, this can cause issues. Like any aesthetic procedure, only trust a trained professional. At Fresh You Clinic, we pride ourselves in the safety of our patients and the quality of products that we use. Our technicians are nurses and are highly trained in laser technology and we can guarantee that only the safest and most effective procedures are done in our clinic.

Myth #2: Laser hair removal exposes you to radiation

Not only does laser hair removal NOT expose you to radiation, and FDA has not approved any lasers that have radiation in them. Heat is used to penetrate the hair follicles to stop further hair growth and does not use any type of harmful rays or radiation to destroy the hair or follicles at all before you begin your laser hair removal treatments, you should try to look into what type of lasers that are being used at the specific clinic you are looking at getting the treatments done. Ask questions and ensure that the technology being used is sound. It is also a huge red flag if the nurse does not educate you on the laser itself and what you can expect upon your first treatment. The nurse is there is answer any questions or concerns you may have and you should always know exactly how each procedure is going to go. 

Myth #3: Laser hair removal causes more hair to grow

Definitely false. Unlike waxing and shaving, laser hair removal goes deep into the dermis of the skin to actually destroy the hair follicles. When the hair follicle is destroyed, this prevents future hair growth in the targeted area. With something like shaving, it only removes the hair above the surface of the skin and does not remove the follicle. With waxing, the hair is ripped out of the hair follicle, which has a longer laser effect than shaving, but it does not remove the hair follicle itself, thus producing more hair to grow. When the hair follicle is destroyed with laser hair removal, this makes it harder for hair to grow back, as the hair follicle is needed for hair growth.

Myth #4: Individuals with darker skin cannot get laser hair removal

Darker skin may absorb more light than others with lighter skin, but it will not harm the patient whatsoever. With Elos Plus, the laser is so precise and able to target the root for people with all different skin types, tones and hair colour. Depending on how dark or light your skin or hair may be, will determine how many sessions you will need to remove unwanted hair, but it will not cause complications with the technology itself. With advances in technology, everyone can benefit from laser hair removal.

Myth #5: Unwanted hair will be removed forever with one laser hair removal treatment

Unfortunately, laser hair removal cannot produce permanent results after just one session. Hair grows in different cycles over time, which means that laser hair removal should be performed during these cycles to remove the hair. The best results with laser hair removal come after several sessions as the follicle is destroyed again and again, causing it to not grow in that same spot. Laser hair removal also does not guarantee that the hair will be removed forever. Individuals may experience a significant difference in the appearance or growth of their hair, but this also depends on you hair type and colour as well. 

Laser hair removal commonly reduces hair count by 40% to 80% depending on how quickly your hair grows or what type of hair you have.

At Fresh You Clinic, we want clients to understand the truth behind all treatments. If you come in for a consultation, we would do a walk-through of the device, assess the skin and hair as well as answer any questions you may have. 

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