Why People Are Turning To Laser Hair Removal and What Makes It Better Than Traditional Methods

Traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving, are a thing of the past due to revolutionary laser hair removal.


Waxing, shaving, creams—these are all traditional hair removal methods that are being left in the dust because of the evolution of laser hair removal. 

At Fresh You Clinic, we use the technology of elōs Plus, by Syneron Candela. As such, we are able to remove unwanted hair quickly and efficiently with long lasting results and no harmful side effects. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The elōs Plus laser combines optical (laser or pulsed light) and radio frequency (RF) energies, which gives the patient comfortable treatments. During a laser hair removal procedure, the laser from the Elos Plus device transmits a light that gets absorbed by the pigment in the hair. Pigment is what makes the hair dark or light. Light energy from the laser is then converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles in the skin and discourages future hair growth. 

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Better?

We use this stellar platform for the best in laser hair removal.

We use this stellar platform for the best in laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the much better option to remove unwanted hair as it is less painful, produces longer lasting results and does not use any harsh chemicals to remove unwanted hair. Furthermore, it focuses on damaging the actual hair follicle, therefore preventing regrowth. 

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We are going to talk about all of the traditional methods and why laser hair removal is the best option to remove any unwanted hair, whether it be on your face, or on your body. To do so, let’s directly compare laser hair removal to the three traditional methods used: waxing, shaving and creams.


Shaving is the oldest method of removing unwanted hair, it may also be the most convenient, as it can be done in the comfort of your home and done with a relatively inexpensive tool, a razor. However, those are about the only reasons one chooses to shave and it doesn’t come without its own price. There, in fact, are some very popularized negative side effects to shaving. 

For starters, shaving is very short-term, lasting about two to three days at best (however the more often you shave the quicker it grows back, so some people even have to shave daily). This is because, when you shave your hair, you are only removing the surface hair and not the follicles. As such, the hair continues to grow and push through the skin’s pores. The hair that comes in after shaving is usually thicker and very prickly. 

This causes an ongoing risk of ingrowns. Ingrowns are hairs are painful and irritating, and occur because the hair growth starts to occur in a different direction than before. Shaving is also the cause of “razor burn”, where the skin becomes bumpy, red and rashy. These issues are painful, itchy and irritating, to say the least. Lastly, and we perhaps need not mention even, but shaving always comes with the risk of cutting or nicking yourself...leaving a mark that is undesirable. 

Laser hair removal irradiates all of the many issues mentioned above in that it prevents regrowth, it actually improves the look of the skin, and creates no abrasion, marks or damage to the skin’s surface. 


Although this method does remove the hair from the root, it is extremely painful. Waxing can also cause a lot of skin irritation like redness, burning, bumps, ingrown hairs, sensitivity to sunlight, and in some cases bleeding. People with very sensitive skin are often advised not to wax hair off of their skin because certain skin irritations commonly occur. 

Often with waxing, pores have been opened up where hair and hair follicles once were. Due to this, dirt, bacteria, and many other unwanted particles sometimes build up in these pores and can cause infection and skin irritation. Unlike waxing, laser hair removal safely emits light into the hair follicle, and the heat itself damages the follicle. This is less painful and longer lasting than actually ripping the hair follicle out of the skin. 


Hair removal creams are also a common practice in removing unwanted hair. The premise is to apply the cream, wash/rinse it off and the hair is removed at the surface. First off, the hair follicles remain intact, similar to shaving, and so hair regrowth relatively quickly and people often experience the same dark spots after using hair removal creams as they do when shaving. However, one of the biggest concerns when using creams is the chemicals used. Skin irritation from hair removal creams is a very common side effect can cause redness, burning, tingling, chemical burns, rashes, and in some cases people have experienced allergic reactions. Individuals with very sensitive skin are prone to these types of side effects, and if you have sensitive skin it is recommended to stay away from these chemicals used. 

Unlike creams, laser hair removal does not use any harsh chemicals to remove hair but instead uses light energy and as such, it is much safer on your skin.  

Don’t subject yourself to bad skin reactions, pain, or mess and fuss of having to tend to your unwanted body hair repeatedly. Instead, remove unwanted hair with laser technology. Laser hair removal produces longer lasting results than these traditional methods and will leave your skin feeling amazing after your session!

At Fresh You Clinic, we are happy to further educate you on laser hair removal, or the Elos Plus technology itself. 

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