Top Ten Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

The most important things you need to know about laser hair removal before getting your first treatment.

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Laser hair removal technology has jumped leaps and bounds over the last decade. Not only has the technology gotten better, the treatments themselves have become more comfortable and reliable than ever before.

Our experience, here at White Medical Aesthetics, is that technology does matter.

Elos Plus Laser Hair Removal

Before we dive into the “must-knows”, let’s talk a little about technology.

We use the coveted Elos Plus system, by Syneron Candela. This is the most advanced laser hair removal device on the Canadian market today. Not only is it approved by Health Canada, but is used across the most reputable spas and salons across Canada and the globe.

The Elos Plus laser device uses a combination of energies. It combines optical (laser or pulsed light) and radio frequency (RF) energies. Because of the combination, treatments are safer, allow for skin protection, and suitable for all skin tones and hair types.

Sounds great! You may be ready to give laser hair removal a try then? If that is the case, we want to ensure you are well informed and know what to expect.

Here are the Top Ten things you should before getting laser hair removal.

1. One treatment will not remove the hair forever.

It does take a succession of treatments to prevent regrowth. The number of treatments it commonly takes is about six. The diode laser system is targeting the hair follicles, as such it must continually be heated and destroyed. As a first time laser hair removal patient, please expect this to be the case and do not be discouraged if you are not entirely hairless at the end of the procedure. It takes time and this is expected and normal.

2. It’s a good idea to learn about the device being used on you.

It is important to know the technology that is being used, the company that makes it as well as the type of laser it is. The Elos Plus system is Health Canada approved and uses proven technology. There are other devices on the market, but you should be very comfortable with the fact that it has been studied, tested for efficacy, and that the aesthetician can answer all your questions about it.

3. Laser hair removal does not work the same for everyone.

Due to different pigments in the hair and skin on everyone's body’s (no two people are the same!) results can vary from person to person. It is important to talk to the nurse before your procedure to inquire about what results you can expect from the laser hair removal treatment and how many treatments you will approximately need.

4. Laser hair removal is not as painful as you may think.

Due to traditional hair removal methods being painful, one may assume the worst of laser. Furthermore, reports from many years ago made claims of darker hair being at risk for burns and so forth. This is very far from the truth. Because the diode laser can differentiate between pigment and hair colour, the Elos Plus is suitable for all. Furthermore there is a built in cooling device which drastically decreases any discomfort to the patient.

5. Tanning will increase risks of skin discolouration.

If you can, try and avoid tanning before your laser hair removal treatment. It is best to go to a laser hair removal treatment with your natural skin colour. Skin pigmentation has an effect on the number of treatments one may need. Furthermore, because tanned skin is essentially burned skin, you want to avoid adding more heat to the area.

6. Avoid heat induced situations immediately after treatment.

Try and avoid going to the gym, a sauna, or even into a hot shower right after your treatment. Due to the fact that the laser that is used for hair removal is a concentrated heat energy,  applying more heat to your skin can actually cause more discomfort or skin discolouration. Wait about 24 hours after your treatment.

7. Avoid any soaps or scrubs that might irritate your skin immediately after treatment.

Avoid scrubs of exfoliating the skin treated right after a treatment. At this time you want to create minimal irritation or abrasion to the skin that was treated with heat and laser energy. Always check with the nurse about what types of products should be avoided. Our clinicians will be able to provide you a recommendation on products that are suitable for use.

8. Ask questions.

No matter how many questions or concerns you may have it is always best to speak directly with the technician. Ensure that you are speaking with a certified technician / aesthetician who seems very knowledgeable. This will increase your comfortability, as well as allow you to know exactly what is happening and how to gauge progress.

9. Less time than other hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal definitely takes less time than traditional hair removal methods. One facial treatment can be done within 15 minutes or less. Therefore, you no longer have to book off hours of time do get a hair removal treatment in. There is also no downtime after, so you can resume your normal activities after your appointment.

10. 90% Reduction in hair growth.

After all your treatments are complete, patients typically report almost permanent hair removal. In most cases we see a 90% reduction in hair growth. In some cases, particularly people with PCOS or post-menopause, patients may need touch up treatments. However, laser hair removal has excellent rates and essential permanent.

At White Medical Aesthetics, we are happy to further educate you on laser hair removal, or the Elos Plus technology itself.

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